Delegation ofFreiberg University of Mining and Technology Visits our School-西安科技大学国际合作与交流处
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Delegation ofFreiberg University of Mining and Technology Visits our School

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On the morning of May 17, a delegation headed by Ingrid Lange, Director of the InternationalUniversity Center of TU Bergakademie Freiberg visited our university. Vicepresident Zhang Weihu met with Mrs. Ingrid Lange and members of thedelegation. The heads of School of Safety Engineering, the School of Civil andArchitectural Engineering, the School of Geology and Environment and theInternational Exchange and Cooperation Office attended the meeting anddiscussion.

Vice PresidentZhang Weihu first extended a warm welcome to the delegation and briefed thedelegation on the university’s history, school-running mode, characteristicdiscipline and profession, looking back cooperation history of our universityin 20 years. We hope that through this visit by Mrs. Ingrid Lange, the twouniversities can deepen their cooperation and exchange.

Mrs. Ingrid Lange thankedto our warm reception, introduced TU Bergakademie Freiberg is the best oldschool of world, started from 200 years ago, belong to world class research inthe field of geotechnical and mineral engineering. And she introduced thepresent situation of the education internationalization and the project forinternational student, look forward to exchange of our teachers and students.

Soon afterwards,the head of schools asked to Mrs. Ingrid Lange the questions of employmentstatus of mining professional students, requirements for Chinese students, costof living and learning in the Germen. Mrs. Ingrid Lange answered thesequestions.

After thediscussion, the delegation visited the engineering training center, Studentsgreeted them warmly and conversed with them in English.


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