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Delegation Headed by Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University Visits Our School

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On March 20, a delegation headed by Geoff Rodgers, Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University visited our school. Vice President Ma Hongwei among other leaders met with Geoff Rodgers and members of the delegation. The heads of the Graduate School of Art, the Office of Discipline Construction, the School of Mechanical Engineering and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office attended the meeting and discussion.

Vice President Ma Hongwei first welcomed the delegation’s visit, introduced our school’s international development and achievements and hoped that the two schools would strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the joint graduate student training program of the School of Mechanical Engineering as a starting point. Vice-Chancellor Geoff Rodgers thanked our school for its hospitality on behalf of the British side. Then President Ma signed the cooperation rules for the joint training program with Brunel University on behalf of our school. The two sides hoped that through the signing of the cooperation rules, the two schools would continue to maintain the friendship between them and deepen the comprehensive development of the joint training program at the two schools.

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