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Seminar on Joint School Running Between Xi’an University of Science and Technology and Macquarie University held successfully

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On the morning of November 23, a delegation of seven people headed by Tim Beresford, Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University visited our school. Accompanying the delegation were First Secretary at the Australian Embassy Christopher Lawson and AEMG Director General Ms. Jenny Wang. The delegation attended the opening ceremony of the jointly run “electrical engineering and its automation” class in conference room 2 of the Lintong Campus.

The opening ceremony was both grand and solemn. President Yang Gengshe first delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He welcomed the distinguished delegation and guests from Australia and pointed out that Sino-foreign cooperation in school running was a new channel to integrate high-quality Chinese and foreign educational resources and cultivate new international talents. The successful opening of the jointly run class is an important step taken by our school towards international school-running. Then First Secretary at the Australian Embassy and Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University respectively addressed students, urging them to work hard to become international bilingual talents. Student Zhou Yuhao of the jointly run “electrical engineering and its automation” class spoke in English and Chinese on behalf of all students, saying that as students of the first jointly run international class, they would strive to forge ahead and live up to the expectations of teachers, winning praise from foreign guests.

Vice President Zhang Weihu, Vice President Li Shugang, relevant leaders of the School of Electrical and Control Engineering, the Office of Academic Affairs, the School of Management, the Office of International Affairs, all students of the Sino-foreign jointly run class and more than 80 representatives of teachers and students of some schools also attended the opening ceremony.

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