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Delegation Headed by Chancellor of the University of Northampton Nick Petford Visits Our School

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On the morning of April 7, a delegation headed by Nick Petford, Chancellor of the University of Northampton visited our school. President Yang Gengshe met with Chancellor Nick Petford and members of the delegation. The heads of the School of Art, the School of Mechanical Engineering and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office attended the meeting and discussion.

President Yang Gengshe first extended a warm welcome to the delegation and briefed the delegation on the school’s history, school-running mode, advantageous disciplines and experiment platform. President Yang mentioned that our school is a comprehensive university focused on coal mining and featuring the coordinate development of disciplines and provided further information on our school’s international cooperation and exchange, joint school running programs and funding policy for exchange programs for outstanding students. The two schools have signed a framework agreement. We hope that through this visit by Chancellor Nick Petford, the two schools can deepen their cooperation in joint training of students, teacher training and scientific research.

Chancellor Nick Petford introduced the University of Northampton, providing information on its four famous disciplines of leather manufacturing, environmental engineering, elevator engineering and football and its mechanical manufacturing and product design disciplines. He said that this time came to Xi’an University of Science and Technology with the hope of furthering cooperation between the two sides.

Then associate dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering Kou Farong introduced the disciplines in which the school has an advantage and the school’s research direction. Secretary Yang Hua of the School of Art provided details about the school. President Yang Gengshe signed a cooperation agreement on joint training programs with the University of Northampton on behalf of our school.

After the discussion, the delegation visited the engineering training center. Students greeted them warmly and conversed with them in English. Chancellor Nick Petford expressed his surprise at seeing Stirling engine-powered cars, model aircraft, robots, carbon-free cars, crystal engravings and other works created by students by giving a thumbs-up and invited them to study at the University of Northampton.


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